Friday, April 22, 2011

My new hair cut!

I got my hair cut on Monday and I really love it! I have beem wanting my hair to be cut like this for so long and not one hair dresser has got it right until now!

Now my next project for my hair is to dye the bottom half of my hair manic panic vampire red. I tried to do it Wed. but failed at it. The bleach did nothing, but I did not put seperate strands in foil, I just slapped the bleach in the bottom half of my hair and it did nothing to my hair. So I am going to try it again sometime next week, but this time I will use foil.

Here is my new hair cut!!

 The layers in the back and he thined it out A LOT! I have VERY thick hair

 Side view of the layers
 I love how short it is in the front and long it is in the back

Ingot 407 Pearl (an orange gold color) on the lid
Inglot 390 Matte ( a light brown color) in the crease
Inglot 363 Matte ( a dark brown, espresso color) in the outer V
Inglot 352 Matte ( light peach color) as the highlight

Revlon Fashion Night Pout

Tart Amazion Clay Blush in Exposed- This is an amazing blush formula!
MAC Soft and Gentle MSF as a highlight

Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
Loreal Magic Souffel Foundation

I hope you like the new hair and the look :D


makeup by danisaddiction said...

Ohh I love it! You look super pretty! I have really thick hair too...I've been wanting to cut my hair like this. Is your hair naturally straight? I'm curious how this haircut would work with naturally wavy hair. Sometimes if my layers are too short in the back, it's hard for me to straighten it because it just wants to curl lol.

Jess said... hair is naturally is a sin and a I can never curl it right but I never have to worry about straighting it i guess..I am sure it would gorgeous on curly hair, maybe just don't get the layer as short..give it a shot! my motto is hair always grows back! :D

The Peach said...

You hair looks great! Can wait to see how it looks when you get the red in it! Love the soft makeup!

Amalia J said...

it looks really nice- I can see why you wanted it like that!! It's really a fabulous look for you!!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice hair cut.

the Honey B said...

LOVE the new 'do! you look beautiful!

makeup by danisaddiction said... true!! I just love this cut on you...I can't wait to see it with the red, that is going to look hawt!!! ;)

Mama Laura said...

Lovin' the cut. Awesome layers!

kENDRA wILLSON said...

Absolutely gorgeous hair!

Starryskies214 said...

It looks great! Your hair is so long!! I love dark hair with red,
I think it's so fun! But I wonder why the bleach didn't do anything at all... that's weird.

Ashii said...

wow your hair looks super beautiful! I have really thick wavy hair too and it has heaps of layers, I don't think i can remember it without layers lol! Love the makeup too :)

Anonymous said...

love the look (when do I not? :D) and your new hair looks fab! I hate it when hairdressers just don't get it right, I once asked for a trim, and they practically gave me a bob. I wasn't happy!

Marie said...

Fresh and clean, perfect for the summer!:D

***** Marie *****

Lakisha Gelb said...
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