Monday, September 13, 2010

NYX to MAC Dupe Series: NYX RUST Vs. MAC Cranberry

So this is the start of the NYX to MAC dupe series.  A few posts ago, I put up a NYX to MAC DUPE LIST. I thought it might be fun to see how close of a dupe these products were to the real thing, so I bought the NYX dupes for the MAC shadows that I already own in hopes of seeing if there was any differance.
PLUS, I'm the kinda gal that needs to see it to believe it, so this helped me too :)

By doing these swatches I was also surprised to find that I liked some of the NYX colors and pigmentation over the MAC ones, but that will discussed in future posts.

Now..on to the BATTLE!!



IF you thought MAC Cranberry was to the left and NYX Rust is on the RIGHT!!

They look VERY similar don't they?? MAC cranberry is a bit stronger in pigmentation, but NYX rust is much easier to work with and apply


Here they are in the pan, they even look very similar in the pan

NYX rust swatch is on the top and MAC cranberry swatch is on the bottom

SO what do you think? More colors to come soon :)


Special K said...

great idea for a blog series! :D

and they look identical to me! :*

Andee Layne said...

wow! so bummed i already have the cranberry one by mac! i will def be giving nyx shadow another look through though! great post xo

Jackee said...

Wow! There is absolutely no difference! I love this post. I think I own both colors. I should have just stuck with the NYX color. For the price of one MAC shadow, you can get 2-3 NYX shadows depending on where you buy them.

Teresa L. Ellis said...

i wish i was not such a mac junkie! i guess im a name brand hoe. haha i just love everything mac. i should try NYX, i think HEB has a huge display in their store. i should give it s shot! thanks for the helpful color swatches! :)

☮My☮Socks☮Never☮Match☮ said...

lol i couldn't tell the difference! ^.^

icosmeticRN said...

I am sooo happy u ladies are lovin this! I have about 15 other colors to do so this is helpful for me too!!
I was surprised too by how close they are in color...even posting the pics, it was hard for me to know which was had to make sure I wrote it down!!

Cydonian said...

Loving this series. And a dead on dupe! I want a lot of NYX shadows but every time I go to Ulta, the ones I want are gone! Grrrr.

KayKay said...

wow you cant even tell the difference! great job finding this dupe. i cant wait to see more in this series

the Honey B said...

i love your posts!!!! And what a coincidence, i'm wearing cranberry today! ahahaha... I'm partial to MAC's pigmentation and quality- i find Nyx a little hard to work with sometimes, but WOW are those close! great post doll!

icosmeticRN said...

so glad u all are lovin this
@Cydonian- u could alway check ebay for those colos..sometime they have great deals when buy more than one shadow

@kaykay-great!! no worries..i have some more lined up

@honey B-thanks!! i need to wear cranberry more often and I agree some of macs colors and pigmentations you can not beat..but I did find through some of my swatching of other colors that I like NYX's better..gasp! i know...i really wasn't expecting it..LOL :)

DreamingCrush41 said...

Wow, I have nyx rust but I didn't know it was a dupe. Kind of makes me want to see what I can do with it now lol Great post!!

*~ JuLiAnnE ~* said...

I love dupes! Saves me so much money!

Hey there! I'm a new follower! I'm also attending nursing school right now :)

Please come by and visit me sometime:

Anonymous said...

That is such a good dupe! The colors are gorgeous. I was hoping you can do a look with this sometime in the future. Thanks!

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