Monday, September 20, 2010

NYX to MAC Series: NYX Jungle Fever VS MAC Steamy

Now MAC steamy creases on me..which I HAVE NO FRIGGIN IDEA WHY!! I love the color, but is some how it does not love me, so to find a dupe for this color would be HEAVEN!


this might not be to hard...

So, MAC Steamy is on the left and NYX Jungle Fever is to the right
You know what? I prefer NYX Jungle Fever!! Maybe because of my beef with steamy, but I honestly like that the color better and I like that it is not as sheen as steamy. Although steamy is a gorgeous color, I really like jungle fever too and the color is quite similar minus the sheeness.

Side by side

NYX Jungle Fever swatch is on top and MAC Steamy is on the bottom

So what do you think of this dupe?


Cydonian said...

Seems like Jungle Fever has a little less of a gold sheen... maybe whatever Mac uses in Steamy to make it gold is what causes the creasing. If you like blue/gold, see if your UK friend can get you Aqua Gold from Barry M, or I could even send you a sample :) (since I'll never use the entire jar!)

Mandy said...

i agree with Cyonian that the mac steamy is more of a gold undertone to it where the jungle fever is not as deep as well... however it is nice :) and it's kind of a close dupe

the Honey B said...

too close! i love that color, but i dont wear a lot of blues... that means i should get the NYX one, huh? =] i love these posts doll!

icosmeticRN said...

yeah I agree ladies..I guess the "sheeness" I was talking about is the gold undertones you ladies are is close enough to consider though and like honey B mentioned..if you don't wear a lot of blues..than yeah..this dupe is for you to try out first for sure :)

I am so glad everyone is enjoying these types of posts! keep the convo going :)

Jackee said...

Wow...these are pretty darn close! This is a great post. I agree with the other ladies. There is a sheen to Steamy that the NYX color does not have. Both are gorgeous colors!

Mimi said...

they do look kinda the same to me. the mac one is just more vibrant. i love the name: mac steamy! haha. ;)

<3, Mimi