Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rock and Republic BLUSH in Foreplay and I got my NAKED palette!

AHHHH!!! I luv this blush!! Thanks to Faces by the Honey B for introducing me to the Rock and Republic line of cosmetics. You know I am a blush feen and their blushes are absolutely gorgeous, inside and out.

The color I bought was foreplay, which is a beautiful peachy matte blush. This blush is very pigmented and matte. No shimmer what so ever and I love R & R for that!! Matte blushes are really my fave, due to my oily skin.
BUT enough talking about it because you have to see this blush and how it is packaged

This is what the blush is packaged in. It is a gorgeous wooden box. I was so impressed by this.

Then you open the box and see this BEAUTIFUL R & R compact that the blush in! OMG I LOVE the packaging sooo much!!

A closer look at the compact...isn't soo pretty!!

Here is the blush in the color foreplay


On me..I know..I look tired here, I took the pic before school at around 6:30am..haha..but I love this blush on me and I applied a hint of soft and gentle MSF as a highlighter

You can find the blushes at Rock and The blushes are $40 each, but I got this blush with a 50% off coupon and .99 cent shipping! The coupon for the 50% is still valid, so just uses ROCKCOSMETICS at the checkout. Since I bought this blush, Rock and Republic has been sending me lot of coupons so it seems like they run a lot of promos, so I doubt you will ever have to $40 for a blush from them. Next time I get another coupon I will pass it on for sure!

On a side UD NAKED palette came in!! YAY!! I won't bore you with 9 million bazillion words on how great this palette is, but if anyone wants reviews or swatches, just LMK. I know people have reviewed this to death, so I don't want to bore you another one, but if you want one I will sooo do it :)




Off to school now to take my first quiz..I am soooo nervous....


the Honey B said...

yay! i love it!!! thanks for the blog shout out!! you look so beautiful in the blush!!!! And i want to see you do a look with the naked palette!

icosmeticRN said...

haha..I have done soo many looks with the naked palette alreay!!! with school, these are my go to shades..I will post it soon!!

Anonymous said...

:O that blush looks amazing! I agree, the packaging is gorgeous and looks great on you. Ahhh I am ssooo jeleous, I want the Naked palette so bad! I don't think it's even released here in England yet :(

Jackee said...

Ooh..I so love that blush! I want it too!! I'll have to check out their site!! Thanks for the info!!!

Anonymous said...

how beautiful is that blush and you!!! im off to pick up the naked palette tommorow..hope the quiz went ok x

Story of a Girl said...

that blush looks pretty... and so does the packaging- is it a lot of product ?

that palette looks so nice... what are the matte colors in there- it seems they're all shimmery. wish i could swatch all those colors !

btw, can you maybe do a favorite blush/highlight post ?

KayKay said...

that blush looks great on you! $40 is so much, luckily you got it half off.

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

That's what you look like at 6;30 am Man am I jealous!! LOL