Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I got new Eye Glasses!!!

What do you think?? They are by Candies
I normally wear contacts because they are easier for me to see in. I am blind as a bat! My prescription is      -6.50. My doctor told me I would be legally blind if it wasn't for my glasses or contacts. I usually just wear my glasses around the house and on the weekends. Going out in them for long periods of time really gives me a headache and I can not drive with them at night.

I only wore them to work one day just to test them out and people at work told me I look smarter with them on... oh..geeze..thanks! lol




I love the sides if them





It was a pain to do my makeup because I am so blind! I had to put in my contacts to do my makeup then take them out when I was done. If I didn't do that I would not be able to see where anything was because obviously, I need to take my glasses off to do my eye :)

On a side note..WOW..I can not believe I have a 100 followers now..thank you soo much everyone. This blog is really an amazing stress reliever for me with everything else going on. I enjoy hearing every one's opinions and just talking makeup! I am so happy that people enjoy this blog and find it helpful. I am planning a giveaway soon. Everything I have ordered is not here yet, but I hope it will be here soon
Thanks so much everyone!


CopyCat said...

they look great :) they suit you

Mandy said...

nice glasses!
i'm jealous because my face structure does not allow me to wear these kind of frames :(
i have chubby cheeks so they're sitting on my cheeks and not my nose which looks completely odd!

Teresa L. Ellis said...

OMG! They look like my Fendi's, they look amazing on you. i wear glasses too... its a love hate relationship with them since i feel like my makeup is covered by glasses. idk. lol but you look amazing!

Pretty Wonderful said...

They look great on you! Very sophisticated :) and i agree, the sides especially are gorgeous! And congrats on your 100 followers! your blog is amazing, very helpful but also fun, so you truly deserve it, i'm sure you will have 200 in no time :)

Paisley Lys said...

They look great! I always get glasses with frames likes that. They always look so nice. Which brand are they? I was looking for something with cute details on the arm like that!

Terri said...

Thanks so much for nominating me for an award, I nominated you back! (I know you already received these awards but I thought I'd nominate you back because your blog is great!)

Terri xo

icosmeticRN said...

aww thanks everyone for the kind words!!
@copycat-Thanks so much hun!!

@Mandy-mayabe a smaller feame would fit your face since you mention ur cheeks are a tad chubby, that sounds like a good fit! I thinkfull cheeks look beautiful

@Theresa-Thanks hun!! I have have a love/hate with mine to. I do love them but not always fond of wearing them..thanks so much for the compliment!

@pretty wonderful-Thank so much!! I am so happy you enjoy my blog, its an everybody blog, I make it for everyone, not just me!! :) Althought it is fun for me!

@Paisley Lys-Thanks! they are by the brand doc actually helped me pick the out!! LOL

@Terri--aww thanks..u are so sweet!! I really appreciate it!!

J. said...

They look Fantastic! :] Love love love them. I've always need glasses,but I've never find any that suit me... I think I will look for some like these! :] Congrats on the 100 count!I hope to be there too soon! :]

Kate Gene said...

Those look lovely on you! I'm in dire need of a new pair. I splurged and bought some designer glasses, but they don't fit correctly. Stupid flat Asian nose! LOL!

My vision is the same as yours. Have you considered Lasik? I'm scared, but not because of the actual procedure. (I used to work in urgent care... None of that bothers me!) However, the possible side effects frighten me a bit.

Anyway, you look awesome in your glasses! :)

Jackee said...

I love your glasses! They look great! I wear glasses too! I wear them at work all day, but then take them off cuz they drive me nuts! I need to consider getting contacts! I am slowly becoming a blind bat too!!

Congrats on all your follows! You deserve them all and then some more. You truly are very sweet and down to earh!

icosmeticRN said...

@J-thanks so much! u will get there soon, just keep at it!

@Katie Gene-I replied back to u on ur is such a great blog BTW..bit laskic has crossed my mind..thanks for the comment and compliment!

@Jackee-wow! u wear glasses all day! I couldn't do it. I wore those all day and I had a headache at the end of the day and my nose was all so much for sweet really means a lot to me and I enjoy being "blog buddies" with u :)

KayKay said...

congrats on your 100 followers! i agree with blogger being a stress reliever, especially after today. thanks for the comment. it definately made me feel better (big hugs back lol) you look like a nurse ready to work in those glasses!

Mimi said...

i think it's cute! i have black rimmed glasses too, somewhat like yours. :)

<3, Mimi

Marie said...

Glasses look cute on you!:D

***** Marie *****

B.M.O! said...

I love your glasses! Super Cute!

icosmeticRN said...

Thanks ladies!! maybe I should wear them more often now!! lol

Yuri said...

Those are super cute on you!

the Honey B said...

okay.. HELLO gorgeous!! the glasses look so chic on you! your skin looks beautiful, what kind of coverage are you using? Oh! and how do you like foreplay?!?! R&R restocked their inventory today so check out their other colors if you're interested!