Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some Instagram Shots!!

Hi Ladies,

Go figure, the moment I decide to start blogging again, I can't find the USB cord to my camera! AND I ran out of space in my PICASA web album?? Anyone know how to get around that so I do not have to pay per month??

Such is life I suppose, and I will be going to Best Buy to get another cord and I guess pay for an upgrade if I can't find a way to make more space so I can show you all my recent ULTA haul. In the mean time, I figured I could share some recent pics that I have posted on instagram, and let you in to my life outside of makeup.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Me and my sister dressed up as cop and a prisoner for a Halloween Party last Saturday

I tried to bleach my hair!! What a disaster that was! If you would like I can write a post on what an EPIC FAIL that was!!!

I ADORE her!

Pumpkin Picking Pictures with my boyfriend and his family. They are not my kids lol...I don't have any

Lastly...I made Halloween "bloody hemorrahage" shots for a Halloween party this weekend. I made them with Green Apple Vodka, the "phlemy" stuff in the middle is Caramel Bailys, and the red "blood" is the Grenadine. These were fun to make!

If you have an instagram account, feel free to follow me @ Jess_No_Less and I will definatly follow you back!

I hope you enjoyed the pics and thanks for looking


Amalia J said...

heyyy the same thing happened to me but I just transferred to my google one and it was fine so far :) said...

Yeah! I enjoyed your pictures and you made my day marvelous. It seems you have good sense of humor. You are such person who live a full live.