Monday, October 29, 2012

My Halloween Costume as Harley Quinn

I went to two Halloween parties this weekend. My boyfriend and I went as the joker and Harley Quinn (the jokers girlfriend).

This is what she looks like in the Batman show and comic book, she is such a bad ass:

This is my take:

For my face I used white cream makeup from the Halloween kits. This stuff takes a while to get really white, I used three layers of the white cream and waited for each layer to dry a bit before putting the next layer on. Once the last layer was put on, I had to let it dry a bit and then moved it around with fingers to make it look smooth on skin. 

For the blush I used NYX red and applied it with a stipple brush

The lips are MAC Heartless with a F21 burgundy lip liner

You can't really see my eyes, but I just did a smokey eye look and applied some false eyelashes

The full costume:

I purchased the costume  at The link will bring you right to the costume. The costume only came with the dress and hat. I purchased the stockings, red tulle and the accessories separately. Since Harley Quinn is a crazy psycho bad ass, I had on two different types of gloves, wore a spike bracelet from hot topic, a cross choker and only one earring.

This is a pic of all of us right before we left for the first Halloween party. I went with my boyfriend's mother (who went as the joker) and her friend. The party was at Versailles Spa in CT, they invited their customers to the party. I have never received any services there but my boyfriend's mother has been there and invited us to go with her. They had a Halloween costume contest there and I won 2nd place! I recieved 2 free TCA peels as my prize! I am so excited and I can not wait to go to my appointment. I will be sure to take pics of my progress.

This is me and my boyfriend at another Halloween party. The only difference in this version is that I added different color hair extensions in each pony tail. 

BTW I put the make-up on my boyfriends face because he did not want to wear the mask all night...I have to say that I really enjoyed putting makeup on him!

I hope you liked my costume. What where you ladies for Halloween? LMK and if you have a blog post on it, leave a link in the comment section because I would love to see it or you can always let me know via Twitter @JessonBeauty or Instagram @Jess_No_Less


Sarah S. said...

Awesome costume! I love all the details you added. I am not going as anything this year :( So much to do prepping for baby (my shower was this month, loads of Dr. appointments), I never had time to assemble something this great.

Amalia J said...

ur costume kicks butt!! so awesome!!

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