Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look what I JUST bought!!

The EVE PEARL HD face kit!! I soo HAD too! I was running out of my EVE PEARL salmon concealer, (which I love and is my HG under eye concealer), and I saw that they had this kit (below) for a pretty good price AND I have not bought makeup in a while, so I said, WHY THE HELL NOT! LOL

I bought it in the color MED and the kit includes:

1. HD Dual Foundation (Medium) – $54
2. Salmon Concealer ® MC (Medium) – $35

3. HD Dual Pressed Powder (Medium) – $42

AND I got it all for $90!! NOT BAD and I am sooo excited to try the HD foundation and powder and to finally have a review for you all...LOL

If you are interested in the HD foundation kit you can check it out on the EVE PEARL WEBSITE

And to get the free shipping over $100 I bought the Matte Blush Trio in Sunny Check, which I can not wait for either! The colors look gorgeous and you know I am a hard core blush fanatic!! hehe

If anyone has tried the foundation, powder or blush, please let me know what you thought!
I will defiantly let you know my thoughts on all these products once I get them

And a quick update on my personal life, I am doing so much better. School started for me last week, this is my last year in school, I will be graduating in MAY and then I will be a nurse (FINALLY! lol). I also met an amazing guy, who I am so very happy with and we are going on a much needed vacation to Miami in a few weeks :D. I can not wait to show you those pictures!! I promise you all I will start blogging more regularly soon, I finally feel settled in my new apartment and life. Thanks for sticking with me and supporting me through this difficult time in my life.


Sarah S. said...

Hey Jess, good for you! I hope you blog more frequently again :) You do such great, creative looks!

Mama Laura said...

Can't wait for a full review!

Alexis the Honey B said...

$90 for all that is amazing!!!! Lucky you!!!! Great haul Jess!

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

Looks Amazing!!!!
I gave you a Blog Award on my page :)