Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another WORK look-I was blind doing it :P

I did this look with no contacts on, which is crazy because my vision is terrible without my contacts or glasses. I did it without my contacts because I frequently wear my glasses to work.

YABBY-wait..NOT inglot..lol..I have not used these shadows since I bought them at the IMATS in March
pp038-outer V

Being True Transforming Tint in Med tan

MAC Dame

NYX Castle

NOW I can finally see what I am doing..lol

 Oh and I LOVE how my hair looks in a poney tail with the new red..HAWT!!! :D

I hope you like the look even though I was blind when I did it...lol
I think it came out pretty good!! :D


Robyn said...

I read this and the commentary in head was 'Ooooh, I love the lipstick! Oooh, I love the glasseOMG YOUR HAIR!' It looks awesome!

Love, B said...

Even blind, your makeup still looks so pretty! XD

Mandy said...

your hair is definitely HOT!!!! LOVE it!
lol are you sure you're blind cos the makeup looks very pretty!
Then again I do mine blind every morning so i'm normally smelling the mirror when i'm doing the eyes cos i'm that blind hahahaha

Jinz said...

it still looks lovely. OMG I love your hair!!!

Amalia J said...

your hair looks great, and I love the glasses- they are such a perfect fit for your face!

Pollyanna said...

Love it! What do your residents say about the red hair? Lately mine have been complimenting my "new glasses" even though I've been wearing the same ones ever since I've worked there, lol!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I love the soft pinky purple theme here! I am very impressed that you did this with no vision correction, if I didn't have my contacts in, I would never be able to do makeup!

Lady said...

lovely pink shadow : )