Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day is my first day blogging..ahhhh...what a feeling.LOL
A little about me would be nice. I started this blog because I need to loose weight and thought it would be a good idea to write down everything I eat and do, here for the world to see..nice of me huh?? My goal is to loose 10lbs and I think I will go on a calorie restrictive diet of 1,400 calories.
I love makeup and everything beaty related, hence my blog title.

I am a commercial credit analyst and RN student by day and a lazy makeup loving chick by night...I hate my current job. It has done nothing but bad things to me. I gained 10lbs being here and sitting on my ass all day. I use to be a full time C.N.A (certified nurses assist) in college, but now I only do it per diam, but it use to help me stay fit because you couldn't eat whenever you wanted to and you were always on your feet, with minimal breaks.

Aside from blogging about my struggle with losing weight, I will also be doing reviews and swatch's of new makeup, jewelry and clothes that I buy. I love to haul and show it off and here seems like the perfect place to do it!! Maybe I will even show off some LOTD's.I will also be doing random rants about random, life, etc. I tend to be very opinionated about things and sometimes I don't have the proper outlet to express myself, so hopefully this will be a good place. I always appreciate feedback and CC also, so if you happened to like what I have to say and you want follow, please let me know what you think!
So this is what I ate today: If I don't know how many calories or in a particular food item, I usually look it up online through
Eggo French Toast Stick 150 calories
Cup of tea with 3 splenda sugars 9.9 calories (yes, each splenda packet has 3.3 calories, FDA rules say if a product has less that 5 calories, if can state that it is calorie free, crazy huh??)

Jello Pudding 60 calories

1 Italian pork Sausage (we grilled the heck out of these babies, you should have seen how much fat came out, it was about a full cup..yuck!!) 286 calories
1/2 cup sauteed Onions and peppers 60 calories
1 cup raw broccoli 25 calories
100 calorie pack of lite veggie dip 100 calories

Stawberry Jello 20 calories

4oz turkey meat made into a burgerin a 100 cal bun 258 calories
Sauted Zucchini 50 calories

Workout: Didn't workout!! Traffic was awful and we got home super late
Toal Calories for the Day: roughly 1019 calories..I am sure all my calorie counts were not all accurate..kinda low huh??


Story of a Girl said...

Hey this is Iris L . i'm glad you started it. Good luck to you. I want to loose at least 20 lbs. but in reality, to be categorized just "overweight" i'd probably have to loose 70 lbs :(

but anyway, take care.

icosmeticRN said...

Thanks Iris for being a follower!!!
Hopefully this will help me and others!! I will post recipies from some things that I have tried and liked, so maybe that will help others too..I will try to post them on MUG too!!!
Take care!!!